Who is paying for theses sculptures?


The Forbes Arts Society is responsible for all expenditure associated with the purchase of sculptures their transport and their installation. The Forbes Arts Society finances come from it’s own activities, sponsors, grant funding and benefactors. These include members, philanthropists, the general public, local companies and businesses, local government, and grant funds from government and large international companies.


These sculptures are very valuable who is going to care for them and pay for their insurance?

a:  All sculptures acquired by ‘Sculpture down the Lachlan' will become the property of the Forbes Arts Society which will then pass the ownership to the people of Forbes by means of the Shire Council. This will also apply to sculptures purchased by additional funds held by the Society for that purpose.


b: The property of the Council, the sculptures will then be added to their assets with respect to the Council’s insurance, further the Council will maintain the sculptures. In addition sculptures on loan such as the Pyramid sculpture being properly placed on Council’s land or land under their management are all covered by the same policy.


Council has formerly agreed to these matters.