Pemulwuy by Roger Bennie


'This sculpture is based on the legend of Pemulwuy, an Aboriginal man born circa 1750 in the area of Botany Bay, NSW.
A member of the Bidjigal tribe he was well known for his resistance to European settlement which began with the arrival of the First Fleet in 1788. Also known as Bembul Wuyan (“the earth and the crow”) his ability to escape capture and death on multiple occasions earned him a reputation as a mythical creature. Pemulwuy was a unique individual as he became legendary in both the European and aboriginal cultures. Both believed he was immune from bullets and could fly away from danger like a crow. He was a fierce and clever warrior who united many of the Aboriginal clans to fight against the British. The sculpture is made out of River Red Gum and reflects a similar pose which is represented in ancient Egyptian sculpture. The common thread of myth & legend is explored through the work & incorporates many of the aesthetic qualities that are found in the preliminary drawings & maquettes. These include angular shapes & a range of textures.'