VARANUS  |  Wiradjuri: Gugaa or Giruwa |

Anyone who has been camping in the bush has probably seen a lace monitor. The second largest goanna, it grows up to 2 metres in length. The sand goanna (dhuliiny) grows up to 2.5 metres. The goanna is of special significance to Wiradjuri people as a totemic animal, and a food source particularly during tough times. ‘They were very important in the survival of the Wiradjuri people. The bigger the gugaa the more people fed. Contented bellies meant a contented tribe.’ This sculpture tells of the significance of Gugaa to the Wiradjuri people.

Glen Star | Sculptor | 2020  |  Star Steel Art  |



Location: Greens Road near Gum Swamp

Proud sponsors of Forbes Arts Society

Music by the brilliant Corinne Bailey Rae.

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