Varanus | The goanna (Gugaa or Giruwa in Wiradjuri) is of special significance to Wiradjuri people as a totemic animal.

The dream becomes a reality. | 'Sculpture down the Lachlan' (SDL) has been granted $5.7 million by the NSW Government to boost tourism in the Central West! The Hon Sam Farraway announced SDL will receive the funding to deliver an iconic permanent sculpture trail with 20 commissioned artworks along the stock route between Forbes and Condobolin. The funds will also be used to develop a Culture Centre and revamp and landscape the Bird Hide at Gum Swamp.

Rosie Wingrove Johnston, happy and incredibly grateful that the NSW Government has supported the vision of the Forbes Arts Society, Grazing Down the Lachlan, and the Forbes Shire Council, by granting such substantial funding.

Eternity by Lachlan Ross | This is a beautiful sculpture in Wheogo Park on the banks of Lake Forbes. Thanks to Grazing down the Lachlan for raising funds

Bad dog Leroy! | Another wonderful sculpture by Brett 'Mon' Garling

Farewell! | After having The Bull on loan for nearly 3 years, we had to say goodbye. We still love this image.

Patiently waiting outside the Forbes Post Office

Everyone had a lot of fun on the day the amazing sculpture was driven around the town.

Installing out at the Nine Mile | Gus Herbert, Chris Sweeney and Pip Perry were swinging into action on the day helped out by Knights Cranes.

How cool is this!

Steph we love that hair! | Six incredible girls came out to help us with a video we are producing to promote the amazing sculpture. Kristen, we appreciate all the time and effort you and your dancers put into the day. I think we still have some work to do! Tom Green our Drone Pilot did a great job... We are still working on this project and we are all pretty excited!

Guess what? Celia Pavey has allowed us to use her song 'Settle" for the soundtrack of our video. Let's hope we do her song justice. Thanks Vera Blue #watchthisspace

Amazing Art Installation | This marvellous sculpture has now been installed amongst the gums by the Lachlan River at the 'Nine Mile' on the South Condobolin Road.

The Hunter by Damian Vick

We've had so many supporters over the years. Our community makes us proud!

Albion Art Park

Proud sponsors of Forbes Arts Society

Music by the brilliant Corinne Bailey Rae.

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