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‘Shadows on the Landing’ is in Wheogo Park where it sits comfortably amidst gum trees and has a glorious view of the lake!


The Albion Hotel (which sadly burnt down in 2009). The loss of this building was very distressing and literally left a hole in our town and our hearts.

It is now wonderful for the town to be able to use the space, almost as a memorial, and interesting that the winning sculpture invites this 'imaginative interaction' with the building.

2014 Winner Shadows on the Landing by Ingrid Morley

‘Shadows on the Landing’ intends to invite an interaction with the former Albion Hotel, tragically burnt down in 2009. The stairs to the first landing can be walked on and the partially open door encourages further investigation, the first landing can be stood on. On the upper landing is a keyhole, in an “Alice in Wonderland” world, suggestive of the hidden tunnels in Albion Park. With architectural references and imagination, the spirit of the Albion is unlocked and the work creates a dignified place for the recognition of its stories and for this memory to endure in the mythology of Forbes. BACK


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Music by the brilliant Corinne Bailey Rae.

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