Big, big, big news! We received the funding we needed to finish the sculpture trail by end 2022.


The goanna sculpture has recently been installed out near the Bird Hide. Two other large sculptures will be installed in the next few months. By the way, don't forget to visit the 'amazing' out on the Lachlan Valley Way (Sth Condobolin Road). The monumental sculpture is approximately 17 kilometres from Forbes. It truly is amazing! Another project was completed in last year, down at the Wiradjuri Dreaming Centre. The cluster of indigenous sculptures nestled on the edge of Lake Forbes is an excellent start point to Sculpture down the Lachlan. The sculptures and an amphitheatre are adjacent to and form an extension of the Forbes Wiradjuri Dreaming Centre. The amphitheatre in itself is sculptural and has been created for educational purposes for young Australians. Wiradjuri Dreaming Sculpture

An informative website tells about the Wiradjuri peoples and their culture at

Initial funding for the sculpture trail started with a sculpture prize, but due to insufficient entries in 2017 the competition for the $20,000 Acquisition Prize was deferred. In 2018 we used funds to help purchase the two bronze dogs sculptures by Brett Mon Garling that can be seen in the CBD. We were also able to purchased Eternity by Lachlan Ross because of funds made available by the extremely successful and popular foodie event, Grazing down the Lachlan!